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Police Chief’s Ultra-Job Security Policy by Joey G. Dauben
March 19, 2009, 4:40 am
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I personally like Palmer Police Department Chief John Zaidle. I think he does a good job for the crap he has to deal with, but this decision last night by the city council is totally uncalled for (this could have been for any employee, and I’d still criticize it):

Source: Waxahachie Daily Light

Following an executive session, the council approved a city policy covering the police chief from political dismissals. The action came at the request of Police Chief John Zaidle, who asked the council for a policy that would protect him in the event of an administration change and “political dismissal.”

“I like what I do and like working in the city of Palmer, but I need some type of coverage for myself and my family,” Zaidle said.

Councilman Greg Penny told the council members they need to look past Zaidle.

“I’d like to make a point to the council. Do we want to put into place any type of security clause to protect him from political change? Do not look at this as a John Zaidle issue, but an issue of any police chief in the city to follow,” Penny said.

The council agreed on a motion by Kenneth Bateman, saying, “The city of Palmer is to put into place a policy to protect the police chief from termination due to political action due to no fault of his own with compensation up to 120 days plus paid time off.”

It must be nice to have that type of job security. Again, personal opinions aside, this is a slippery slope. What if Zaidle sucks? What if he is breaking the law? By the very theory and language of the ordinance and policy, Palmer can’t fire him.

What kind of brain damage are the Palmer “leaders” suffering from? Can they not legitimately think about what they are doing before they vote for asinine policies?

I think the decisions of an elected majority of a city should be carried out with the citizens vote those people to make the decisions.

Good God. Who’s next? The city administraitor? (that’s misspelled on purpose)

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