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Instant Message Conversation with Mayor Lance Anglin and John Templer by Joey G. Dauben
January 12, 2010, 12:33 am
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Live Instant Message Chat With Mayor Lance Anglin and John Templer

LanceAnglin75152: Sup John
KnightTempler: How’s the new agenda coming along?
LanceAnglin75152: Excellent. Greg Penny and Tony Roybal will never get anything passed.
KnightTempler: Good. I want you to direct Jeff Vick a bit more. He seems to be making a total a** out of himself and you.
LanceAnglin75152: Right, I know. If not for Christen Vick on the school board, poor Jeff wouldn’t even be on the council.
KnightTempler: When I ran Mike Greenlee, Shannon Conger and Linda Harper two years ago, how obvious was it that Vick was not in our plans?
LanceAnglin75152: I hear ya, John, I hear ya. Give it time. We just need to keep Jeff happy with some steel work. Eagle Steel is I’m sure struggling because of the economy.
KnightTempler: I’m considering another slate of candidates this year to take out Penny and Roybal. If we cannot contain Vick, we must take him out. I’m tired of telling him why he has to vote a certain way.
LanceAnglin75152: I’m working with him. Don’t worry.
KnightTempler: Well hurry. I must take control of the city. Having a 3-2 vote margin is too risky. I want total control.


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