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The Palmer Post | May 1, 2010 Issue by Joey G. Dauben
April 27, 2010, 1:07 am
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The May 1, 2010 issue of The Palmer Post is now online. This was to be a full-color issue, but due to extremely high costs for color and paper, we had to scale back those plans.

However, this issue will be mailed to registered voters in 693 households in the city limits of Palmer before Election Day, May 8. The rest will be placed on news stands and mailed to residents in Rockett and Palmer ISD neighborhoods. The total press run of the May 1 issue is 800 copies.


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To the editor RE: Rebuttal to “M. G. Wright” Bristol, Texas.

First and foremost “Wright” knows little about me other than what people Like David J. have spouted off because I stand against their lies.

I’ve worked all my life until I became disabled after a heart attack and stroke. 20 years driving trucks long haul, local delivery, flat bed, refer units, tanker, hazardous material, 18 wheelers & bobtail trucks, and worked 6 years in security. I paid taxes and SS on it all.

In 2000 I sold my house that was owned out right to start a mobile ministry because no one was offering a Sabbath ministry for truckers and I saw the need. I continued that ministry working carpentry and remodel to support the ministry and not fleece the flock as most ministers today and was never a 501 (c) 3. I took no salary from the ministry.

In 2006 I began working out to try to maintain my weight below 200 lbs. I lost 35 pounds in 6 weeks pushing myself just like I did in the military to be in the best overall shape I could. I had a heart attack and blood pressure 207/118 (stroke levels, although to that point I felt better than I had in 2 years). To that point there were many times my wife didn’t work. Yet she likes to work as a certified nurse’s aide helping folks, she is one of the kindest and most loving women I have ever known and I love her dearly.

When you’re over 50 (I’m now 57) and you have problems keeping weight off because you can’t exercise any more without having a major coronary & angina, NO ONE wants to employee you. There are very little activities you’re able to perform with an 85- 95% blockage of all the major arteries, (CAD) that I have. That doesn’t even count kidney problems with re-occurring kidney stones.

I still try every day to be a good watchman and warn people of the coming tribulation and soon return of our Savior Yahshua Messiah most know as Jesus Christ.

Maybe you should read Luke 6:37-45.

Choose well whom you serve!

Mike Treis
Ferris, Texas

Comment by thepalmerpost

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