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Brandy Lemmon Owen | DVD Review: Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA by Joey G. Dauben
May 27, 2010, 7:52 pm
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DVD Review
Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA

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The Rise of FEMA, the newest documentary by Alex Jones and the crew out of Austin, TX. This film is a very comprehensive overview of the forming and function of, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, F.E.M.A..

This documentary starts by giving the numbers and descriptions of numerous Presidential directives. Directives allowing for gun confiscations, population relocation, seizing of any and/or all private and commercial vehicles, federal work brigades for citizens, federal seizure of all modes of communications, and many others directives listed and documented. The film also describes how directives signed under the presidency of one, is then transferred to the next President in a consolidation of authority meant to bypass the function of separating the three primary branches of government.

Jones’ movie then delves into the inadequate and dangerous role of FEMA during hurricane Katrina. During the film a news broadcast from New Orleans shows the Army kicking in doors in high-and-dry areas and confiscating guns from homeowners. Property owners who were prepared for caring for their own families and property, under the guise of a “Gun Free Zone” due to looting miles away, the Army disarmed citizens. When many may argue, during a disaster is exactly when law abiding residents require having their guns.

“Homeowners have armed themselves to protect their mansions. In the end the Army took their guns and let the citizens stay in their homes.” Says one broadcast, as if taking your guns and letting you stay in your own home is chivalrous.

With a plethora of compelling information and documentation, Police State 4- The Rise of FEMA, is a great way to learn about the real directives that exist in order to usurp the United States Constitution and detain political dissidents in Civilian Inmate Labor Camps. Also, if you are a Glenn Beck fan you may want to watch this film in its entirety, as it proves quite clearly, not only is Glenn Beck lacking in his facts, he is blatantly manipulating facts to be deceptive about the federal government and FEMA camps.


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Brandy L Owen equates a drunk woman being raped with a child running in front of a car and getting hit. With her logic, how could the rapist avoided raping the drunk woman? Just like how could a car avoid hitting a kid playing in the street? This is a woman who homeschools six children. Very scary indeed. Logical thinking skills are a basic necessity for a politician, correct? If so, vote no.

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