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David Sibley on YouTube: ‘I Supported Democrats in the Past…’ by Joey G. Dauben
June 16, 2010, 4:04 am
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Brannon Bridge, the expert reporter-Young Republican for The Palmer Post and The Ellis County Observer, attended the David Sibley meet-and-greet last night at Rogers Hotel.

Forward to 2:59 in the video where Sibley, who claims the mantle of “Tea Party values” but is in reality a liberal Republican In Name Only, speaks about supporting Democrats in the past and how one must work with the other side to get things done…

Then forward to 1:03 to get the Sibley campaign asking why Bridge was filming….

Alternative Link:

Direct Link to Bridge’s YouTube channel:

I haven’t discussed with Brannon who he’s going to vote for on June 22’s run-off for the remainder of Kip Averitt’s term (Kip resigned for health reasons…) But I’m voting for Brian Birdwell knowing full and well that the stack of documents I have prove he is ineligible to serve as our state senator. His last vote in 2006 was in Virginia. State law requires one to be a resident at least five years prior to running for state senate. Birdwell’s a conservative, but just how much is the Democratic National Committee working with him? Quite a bit, from what The Ellis County Observer is hearing in the field…

We are ardent Darren Yancy backers, and to date, this blog has been the only media outlet (and an editorial I wrote for The Ellis County Press) to expose the Brazos River Authority scandal…just Google “Brazos River Authority scandal.”


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