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Downtown Palmer Water Tower Coming Down by Joey G. Dauben
June 16, 2010, 4:07 am
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Water tower coming down
The Palmer Post
PALMER – Despite Dianne Drewery’s pleas to save downtown’s most visible landmark, her Palmer City Council colleagues voted 4-1 to take down the city’s metal water tower behind City Hall.
Drewery noted that the water tower was in existence her whole life in Palmer, and she said it would be a detriment to see it go.
Due to the white, newer Interstate Highway 45 water tower not being filled to capacity, the city council took MLA Consultants’ suggestions and recommendations and voted to scrap the downtown water tower rather than spend nearly $144,000 to refurbish it.
Councilmen Kenneth Bateman, Jeffery Greenlee, Chris Ivie and Jeff Vick voted to take the water tower down. Mayor Lance Anglin was absent at the June 15 regular city council meeting. Vick motioned to approve MLA recommendations and noted of the potential for backlash from Palmer citizens; Bateman seconded the motion, though he agreed the water tower provided sentimental value to the town.
Had the city kept the water tower, MLA warned that the tower would be susceptible to blow over due to no water being stored in the structure. MLA recommended that water valves be turned off and water not flush into the tower, if the city were to vote to keep it, but it, too, would have required the $144,000 to refurbish it.
The city will now pay at least $23,000 to take the water tower down. City Administrator Doug Young told councilmen that he will attempt to have the I-45 water tower filled to capacity without blowing the existing water lines in town. Young noted this has happened in town once before.
MLA Consultants were represented by Carlos Aguilar and Michael James, a former engineer with the city of Southlake.
Video footage from the June 15 council meeting can be seen at or


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