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Exclusive | SD-22 Documents Prove Brian Birdwell Ineligible by Joey G. Dauben
June 16, 2010, 11:10 pm
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My journalistic life has been defined by not exactly what I have written, but how I obtain documents…and more often than not, I obtain the explosive stuff via envelopes in obscure parking lots of department stores or grocery stores (cases in point: 1: My Ferris’ shoot-feral dog policy that went international; and the Democratic Ellis County assistant DA Cindy Hellstern’s husband was caught masturbating in public only to have her boss and the sheriff cover it up.) Such is the case from today in which I was hand-delivered documents that are public record now…but only now, are they actually “in print.” The Ellis County Observer and The Palmer Post are one in the same, though in two platforms: the ECO is a blog, The Post is a newspaper.

We Own You

The Texas Constitution requires that candidates for state senate reside in one of the 31 districts five years prior, are U.S. citizens and at least 26. Birdwell meets the last two, but not the first…he last voted in Virginia in 2006, and applied for hunting/fishing licenses in Virginia in 2008…(see below)

Full Disclosure: I am an ardent backer of Burleson Republican Darren Yancy. I supported him in the race versus Kip Averitt on March 2, supported him in the special election May 8 and will continue to support him. I am, however, voting for Brian Birdwell on June 22 due to the fact he’s a conservative, whereas David Sibley’s newspaper ads say he is a conservative but his record reflects another animal (RINO), even so much as donating money to Democrats 200 times, according to the Waco Tribune-Herald.

With that said, here are photos of documents I obtained today that show and conclude that Brian Birdwell of Granbury is ineligible to serve as our state senator should be get elected June 22. And, there are other eligibility issues involving Sibley, who admitted to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about having a second homestead exemption in Travis County. Eligibility issues have marred this SD-22 race for too long. Averitt stepped down due to “health reasons,” plus the fact he’s ultra-liberal, and the least reported reason, because his best friend was sleeping with his wife. Unfortunate. But such is politics.

Also, I do not speak from any official title or organization other than The Ellis County Observer and The Palmer Post. If I had the single-handed authority tomorrow, I would push that the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas endorse Birdwell June 22 —- with an asterisk next to his last name for these eligibility reasons. But, I don’t have that authority…so therefore it is moot.

However, we need honest conservative leadership, and Yancy supports nullifying ObamaCare at the state level. The other two do not.

If and when Birdwell is elected, and Averitt follows through on his resignation, the Democrats will sue, knock Birdwell off the ballot and throw SD-22 to the Democrats — not like the Democrats weren’t in control anyway (Kip Averitt and David Sibley are liberal Republicans…with Democratic voting records) — but at least the Democrats will be marked with the blue color and donkey logo. Hey, if Averitt were 50 percent honest, he would switch parties anyway…sad thing is, McLennan County runs this entire senate district (for now) and it would be hard for Averitt to lose as a Democrat I think…who knows.

Finally, here are the documents (scanners were not available when the documents were obtained, so I took photos…)

[The Palmer Post Photo 1: Brian Birdwell’s candidacy paperwork; admits to being in the district for two years, though the state senate requirement in Texas is five]

Birdwell Residency

[The Palmer Post Photo 2: The stack of documents I received]

Birdwell Residency

[The Palmer Post Photo 3: Birdwell’s 2008 application for a license in Virginia, which would mean he was a resident, which means he voted there. Which means he’s not been in Senate District 22 at least five years.]
Birdwell Residency

[The Palmer Post Photo 4: The deal-sinker: Birdwell’s signature on the main eligibility document itself, a candidacy application]

Birdwell Residency

Plus, Birdwell attempted to run for state House against Jim Keffer of Eastland and ran into the same residency requirements. Birdwell would make a great congressman. There are no residency requirements about that one to speak of…don’t even have to live in the same district.

It must make the other big-name newspapers and the horrendous budgets and news staff pretty embarrassed when a blogger demolishes them…or when a small community newspaper (Palmer=1,950 residents) trounces the big ones. I’ve been doing this all my adult life, so eh, it’s nothing new…

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