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The Palmer Post | Prepare Now. by Joey G. Dauben
June 17, 2010, 9:45 pm
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Prepare now

The Palmer Post
PALMER, TEXAS – These depressing times during natural disasters, man-made calamities and the economy, as well as threats foreign and imagined, will usher in a time in which chaos reigns and those who are prepared will know what to do.
In other words, start making preparations now for everything that could happen, starting first, with The Palmer Post. My first message back to Texas last fall after living in New Hampshire for eight months was: “Learn how to make the newspaper using cut and paste.”
At the time I was, “huh?” Then it hit me: in a chaotic world with no phones, no electricity, no highway access (since those are the first to be blockaded), no Internet, no radio communications, no communications hardly at all…it would be important to get the word out somehow, some way. So, as I write this, I’m learning how newspapers were originally done.
Here’s a general list of things to think about and prepare for:

1. Highways/Interstates – If a disaster occurs, or martial law is declared, the highways and interstates would be the first to seal off. Expect to utilize, study and learn back roads, but even some larger artery roads will be cordoned off.

2. Communications – Short-wave radios might do the trick when all else fails, but make plans now to one day not have the Internet, cellphone towers or other forms of communication working.
3. Food – This item really should have been the first, but if you don’t have plans to store, grow and hide food, now is a good time to do so. When mass casualties and mass chaos rule the day in areas of the country where a massive police/military presence is not readily available, your food becomes a currency.

4. Media – Getting the message to friends, family, neighbors and the world at large will be difficult, but those with a plan will succeed in getting the news out to the public. Think of it like the underground newspapers during World War II that kept Jewish people abreast of what was going on. My role and my background have prepared me to one day utilize the “cut-and-paste” method to getting the paper out and in turn, informing people.

5. Refuge – Plan for a place of safety either with a friend, a relative, or somewhere that is not located off a major interstate. In other words, this location should be like a “meeting point” should anyone get lost, or something major happens.

6. Fuel – Cars built after 1996 might not work if an Electro Magnetic Pulse bomb is detonated, so make sure you store enough fuel somewhere should everyone be forced to move ASAP.

7. First Aid – Don’t expect your neighborhood health clinic or hospital to help you; think of all the masses of people that will flood to those areas. Plus, with no electrical power (assuming they don’t have working generators), who’s going to help you? Your best bet is to learn to fix yourself. Rubbing alcohol is a necessity in my life for a lot of reasons.

8. Maps – I buried this one for some reason, but still, having maps and knowledge of your surroundings is crucial. This is not a game, this is a war. Mentally prepare yourself that at any moment, your life will turn from the American dream into a Holocaust scenario. Mentally, speaking, you must prepare for the worst and plan for what you will do when this all “goes down.” I have 12 wall maps of every city, town, unincorporated area, voting precinct, etc. of Ellis County and a few locations surrounding Ellis County. Study those, or at least know the back roads. You never know, the most vocal might be the most beneficial to have on your side when you’re fleeing from persecution or chemical/biological bomb residue.

9. Self-Defense – You must learn how to shoot a gun, and lots of them. If you don’t know, now would be a good time to head to your local gun range, if there’s one nearby. Lee’s Gun Repair outside of Palmer is an ideal location, but vacant fields will suffice. The key to preparing is knowing what to do, where to go, who to contact and making sure that you know how to defend yourself and rely on your survival instincts. Cops, fire, the military…those guys will be assisting bigger efforts, if not engaging in the exact type of warfare that a declaration of martial law would bring upon U.S. citizens.

The intent of this article is not to scare you, it is to get you to prepare. You must realize, since I was 13, I’ve read a daily newspaper. I have a breadth of knowledge about my local surroundings, and I know that my experiences will one day lead to people either going nuts at the drop of some sort of calamity, or lead others to remain calm, prepared and knowing what to do when you’re thrust onto the “world” stage to lead.

For more information, or to assist in efforts to prepare, get in touch:, 972-891-2135 (text messages preferred), or visit


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hmm wow nice. ok interesting about the vehicle part.

Comment by Ashleigh

Don’t forget stocking up on toilet paper, tampons and matches/lighters. Oh yeah dog food too!

High grade peroxide, and colloidal silver can save your life.

Comment by Spacecadette

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