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The Podium | Letters to the Editor, June 14-July 1, 2010 by Joey G. Dauben
June 21, 2010, 3:51 pm
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June 14, 2010 – July 1, 2010 Issue

Re: Sex offender listings
I am a subscriber to The Palmer Post and in the past couple of issues, I saw your listing of sex offenders that live in Palmer.

I have some updated information for you. Abel Arellano Rodriguez who you show as living on Bluebonnet, actually hasn’t lived there since November 2009. Abel was taken into custody right before Thanksgiving ’09 and spent several months in a deportation holding facility in West Texas, before finally being deported to Mexico in May 2010.

I know the woman and her teenage daughter that live at that address on Bluebonnet… could you please update your records so their neighbors won’t think a sex offender lives there with them? Here is a link to the Texas DPS sex offender registry which shows Mr. Rodriguez’ status as “out of country (Mexico)” as of 05/24/10:

Glenda Williams

Re: Palmer Christian Daycare
You should check into why the daycare is closing & can’t afford to stay open anymore when they have three times  more students, raised tuition and even half the money was saved even break ground on building the new building. Plus, workers there were told not to file for unemployment insurance. Why? I wonder if the First Baptist Church of Palmer  (that Ronnie Caldwell is a very active member of) is funneling money to pay for the “Childrens church” remodeling. Ask any parent who sends their kid to that daycare and they will be the first to tell you that something is not making sense on the story they gave the parents and teachers.

Submitted via e-mail

Re: Water Tower
So what, these idiots in Palmer got just what they voted for, your newly elected, re-elected bubbas don’t care about anything but metal buildings, good ole boys and relatives. I am sure this will just be one of many stupid votes by the Templer City Hall. How much is this going to cost tax payers? Really, could this money not be better spent, like on streets, drainage, new water and sewer lines. Looks to me like this is just another way to funnel money to MLA Engineering. By the way who’s buddy are they?

The damn water tower has been standing there for decades as a landmark for Palmer, and all of a sudden it has to go. I think what torques me the most is the so called Palmer Preservation Society is sitting on their thumbs, just like they did on the old Fire Station.

Too bad this town is going down quickly, and that water tower is a good symbol of that decline.

Jonathan Fuller

Publisher’s response:
The Palmer Post has an online petition to save the water tower. For those who want to help reverse the city council’s June 15 decision, please do so at:

Re: Precinct 1 Roads
I built my home in precinct 1 out of Palmer that has a Red Oak mailing address & Red Oak Schools etc. sixteen years ago. Although we appear to be in the city & our neighborhood is taxed as though we lived in Highland Park ( $200,000.00 ) we get the Three Stooges  ( Larry, Moe & Curly ) type of road repair & water drainage & services. ( NO ) code enforcement. High grass, dogs running loose, ditches with standing water & they don’t spray for the mosquitoes that breed in it ? It’s like that all over. Please see the attached pictures. This happens all the time & is a TOTAL WASTE of TIME & TAXPPAYER MONEY. They literally spray oil ( NOT ) asphalt & then spray enough gravel to pave another road & then drive off & leave it for the cars to drive on. I have seen them do this after a rain with water standing ? They don’t roll it or do anything to make it stick. It can’t stick or embed itself it’s NOT asphalt. This is ( NOT ) a farm to market road this is a residential neighborhood. I would love the commissioner to drive his personal just washed & waxed car down the street. I’m not sure what rocket scientist came up with this method & I hope you will expose them. These were pictures from June 8th. in front of my house. I have called & left messages & talked to Carol 972-449-3260 & so has my wife & six days later I have not received a return call & obviously they have NO intent to clean up this mess in front of my house. This needs to be cleaned up. Someone will have a wreck. Teenagers fly up & down the street. Usually it’s piled up at the stop signs & red lights & you slide right through the stop signs & red lights because of the excess gravel. It gets stuck under your car, in your tires, in the driveway & ultimately in the garage & on your shoes & into the house. I was getting pelted with it being thrown from cars driving up & down the road while I was mowing my own yard. PLEASE COME TAKE A LOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ASSURE you, you will be able to SEE what a BAD joke & WASTE of MONEY $$ this is. Everything you see in the pictures will sweep up it is NOT sticking to the road & there were no pot holes in front of my house to begin with ? I have almost slid off my own driveway just turning into it & the mail man almost hit my mailbox. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Bowren

505 Rushy Creek Trail

Red Oak, Tx 75154


Answers as Door Doctor

Thanks in advance.

Publisher’s response: Commissioner Dennis Robinson can be reached at He’s very diligent and quick to get back in touch with constituents.

Hello Ellis County Conservatives,
We have some new developments to tell you about. ECC is going to get really active and in order to do so we have decided to go it alone without the other Ellis County groups. If you would like to remain with ECC, it will require that you take an oath. Our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in their fight against tyranny and we should do no less. Please, send me a response if you would like to remain a member of ECC. There will be a 48 hour window for you to respond…if I don’t get a response from you, I will remove you from the member list. If talk of tyranny, rebellion, resistance, militias, or treason offend you, this is no longer a group for you. On the other hand, if you believe that our country and our liberty are worth fighting for on a daily basis and not just once a month and if you denounce political correctness, then this is still your group!

If you want to remain a part of the other groups please go to or and sign up. Thanks and God Bless!

In Liberty,

T.J. Fabby

Re: Community of Faith Photos
I have to comment on our disappointment on your coverage of the Palmer Community of Faith event. The only pictures of the event were of the PD & the Ellis County Sheriff’s Dept. Please note the title of the event, COMMUNITY OF FAITH. Faith being the most important part of the event. This event was formed by the J Bar C Cowboy Church, & includes other churches in the Palmer community. We hold this event annually so that the unchurched & churched can be exposed to the community of Christians. Good Christian fellowship, music, & real TX Barbecue; all at no cost to the people that came to enjoy the day.. I can’t think of a better way of introducing someone to the love of Jesus! To find your only coverage of the event is of the different police authorities is offensive. What about the different churches? their members? the food? all of the different events being held on the square? None of that mentioned or covered in the Palmer Post. If I wasn’t an insider to the event, I would have thought it was held by the Police Department by your coverage. It would have been nice if there had been mention of why we hold the event in the first place.

Loyd Higdon Sr.

Publisher’s response:
I was never given/sent/e-mailed a “reason” as to why the event was put on, but I did run a half-page ad free of charge in two separate issues for this event. Unfortunately, I was unable to personally make it to the event due to me attending Sabbath services in DeSoto.

I would be more than happy to publish photos of and from the event if they were provided to me. Also note that reporter Jim Bradley checks I no longer have access to that e-mail, and Mr. Bradley was in communication with the Community of Faith organizers more so than I was.

Again, if you or anyone else involved would like to submit the photos and news events and the description as to why the Community of Faith is put on each year, I will be more than happy to publish it.

Joey G. Dauben

Brannon Bridge’s response:
Why are you so disappointed? are you all really that worried about who gets the credit of the event, Why is it offensive for cops to get some kind of credit, Do they mean nothing to you all? Do the churches not already do enough condemning people to hell as it is, you say it’s in love, but I think really you want people to think of you as Great, you’re not Great, God however is, and I’m sure God  can work even though you didn’t get the coverage you thought you should of, Please do me and many others a favor, and set your pettiness to the side, Did God not say, Do not let one hand see what your other hand is doing, Try to humble yourself, and get off of the highchair you’re locked into.

Your Lovely Palmer Post Reporter/CameraGuy, Brannon Bridge

Offended by smoking picture

I’m really quite ashamed that one of your reporters is depicted with a cigarette in his hand. It is a bit more offensive to me than the liquor you hold in your hand.

James Rogers
Cut it with the smoking

How is it that a newspaper reporter can appear in print with a cigarette in his hand and photos of sheriff deputies engaging in drunken hilarity is not condemned? Are you a hypocrite? You have an entire website devoted to the “MySpace social networking photos of sheriff deputies” but you encourage smoking by printing a photo of your reporter with a cigarette in his hand. What gives?
Pat Rogers

Brannon Bridge’s response:
Ok, so I have heard that apparently someone is getting Offended by my picture, my response is simple: I’m sorry that you feel Offended, however get over yourself,


Brannon Bridge

Publisher’s response:
The glass I am holding in my The Palmer Post is What column is Scotch. It was a photo taken last summer in New Hampshire, where I lived for eight months. I’m not a smoker, nor do I care if others smoke, but it is a choice adults make. And I thought it was a bit “edgy” to show the publisher (me) with Scotch, and one of the reporters (Brannon) with a cigarette. Have you people seen the chemicals in the Palmer water? Or the ingredients in your food from Walmart? Or the books, Web sites and other material your kids are learning in school? Much worse than a reporter holding a cigarette.

Joey G. Dauben
The Palmer Post

Re: Dunkin Donuts in Palmer

Dunkin Donuts coffee is the best coffee. Not just by my own opinion but for years in a row in blind taste test it beats starbucks always and is one the most inexpensive cups of coffee.

Brandy L. Owen

Re: Bob Carroll
The more I read about Bob Carroll’s pattern of misdeeds in the Waxahachie Courts, the more disturbing it is to learn that he has been elected by the people of Waxahachie to be a district judge. I had the misfortune to have had him as the presiding judge about 6 years ago and was swindled, under Carroll’s misdirected judgments, of my family’s 100-year-old farm. His ineptness was appalling, as well as the two local lawyers representing me and my opponent. Initially, I felt Carroll had a personal vendetta against me. However, I eventually came to the conclusion that he had no loyalty to my attorney but had a strong yet stealth alliance with the opposing attorney. After consulting with a very skilled Texas attorney in Dallas following Carroll’s final judgment in my case, I came away feeling that Carroll was both sinister AND incompetent. I was told by the attorney in Dallas that Carroll seemed unaware of the boundaries of his rule and went far beyond his legal authority, and in most instances in my particular case, misinterpreted the very law he was presiding over. He certainly should not be presiding over cases involving Texas estate law and should be required to demonstrate proficiency by taking refresher courses in the practice of law prior to being sworn in and making judgments at the district level. I am quite surprised that he has actually been elevated to the position of judge yet again, at an even higher level than at the county level. There were many errors Carroll made in my case and if I had not lived 1200 miles away, I would have prepared my case against him for either an appeal or grievance with the Texas Bar Association. Due to time/work and distance constraints, and health/family issues, I decided to leave it up to a higher power to deal with Carroll. It appears that I was not his only victim, and it causes me much distress to hear that he has caused other people to suffer in the same way he caused me and my family unnecessary pain. I will contact Mr. Margetis to see if I can lend information to strengthen his case against Carroll and bolster his attempts to prevent his swearing in. In my opinion, Carroll does not have the moral fortitude or the legal integrity to be a judge.

Waxahachie Native
(sent via e-mail)


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