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Palmer Needs a Parks & Recreation Commission by Joey G. Dauben
October 26, 2010, 12:19 am
Filed under: City of Palmer, Parks & Recreation Commission

It’s time Palmer really start plotting a future course for our town’s direction, and maybe it’s a good time to propose the creation of a Parks & Recreation commission. Five to 12 members throughout town could be selected/appointed to serve two-year terms, plan future parks and recreation space, assist the city council and other city officials in brainstorming ideas and volunteering to prepare our town to handle the future…

My concept would consist of a few options, ranked in order:

  • Privately-created, privately-appointed Parks & Recreation Commission; this would be a planning board in essence, at least at first. The first few meetings could be brainstorming sessions on what the needs of the community are, how we can best (and most cost-effectively) provide them, and also show the Palmer City Council that a little initiative on our part can translate into a fully functioning city board;
  • Assisting city officials in the creation of a parks master plan;
  • Field trips to neighboring towns to discuss/look at their parks plans;
  • Lobbying corporate partners and other residents in town for possible donations of land for park space;
  • Provide a training mechanism for how to run meetings, how city government works and provide a much-needed educational system for leadership functions;
  • After a set amount of time meeting, planning, strategizing, networking and volunteering, we formally pitch the creation of a City of Palmer Parks & Rec Commission;

The types of residents who would be ideal for this Parks & Rec venture could include the following:

  • Students (almost mandatory to have at least one);
  • Business owners;
  • City council/City Hall liaison;
  • Church leaders;
  • Other interested citizens;

I believe the future is extremely bright for the town of Palmer. I’m excited at what the future holds, but we must be realistic: it will take lots of time, sweat, tears and faith that we can accomplish things…we must set goals, and draft the priorities in reaching those.


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