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YouTube | Vote ‘For’ Beer & Wine in Palmer, Texas by Joey G. Dauben
October 30, 2010, 10:19 pm
Filed under: Beer & Wine Election

The economic arguments for beer and wine will outweigh theocratic doctrines — sometimes we call that “pulpit logic.” This video should explain my argument once and for all:


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Ive been back on fourth on this issue for weeks now. First I was against the sale of alcohol in Palmer. Then I saw the wrecked car in front of the Church, and got to thinking…I have to drive to Garret (about 8 miles) to get my alcohol now. If it was sold in Palmer, I would only have to drive a block, and would spend lees time on the dangerous roads, and would decrease my chances of being in an auto accident. Today I got my copy of “The Palmer Post”. It seems the driving factor for those that support the sale of alcohol in Palmer isn’t for religious reasons (Jesus drank wine, right?), it isnt for safety reasons either, its to generate growth and attract new businesses to Palmer. Well I live in Palmer because I like the small town atmosphere. I like knowing my neighbors, I like the country life, I like seeing kids playing in the yards and going over to Lee’s to fire off a few rounds whenever I want. I don’t want growth in Palmer, If I wanted to live in the big city I would…well move there and endure all the problems that come with the and urban environment. No sir, after much consideration I will have to vote NO on the sale of alcohol in Palmer. I, much like many of you, will just make the short drive over to Garret to buy my bottles of Sam Adams.

Comment by Bruce

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