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Palmer High School Teacher on Leave After Sexual Allegations by Joey G. Dauben
November 1, 2010, 7:32 pm
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The more I delve into this story and investigate it, the more apparent that a student at Palmer High School has made a false accusation, and if found to be untrue, then this student needs to be punished and the teacher’s status restored.

Teacher Put on Leave Over Sexual Allegations

The Palmer Post
PALMER – A teacher was reportedly put on administrative leave after allegations of a sexual nature were made by a student in his Alternative Education Placement (AEP) class, according to several students and parents.

Parents were not notified about the allegations in written or verbal form, but the teacher has been absent from work for at least two weeks, according to sources who spoke to The Palmer Post on the condition of anonymity.

Palmer Police Chief John Zaidle said he was unaware of the allegations, and no one has made a complaint with his agency, despite the fact the severity of the case would warrant police (and sometimes) Child Protective Services involvement.

Parents who spoke with The Palmer Post said their sons and daughters alleged a high school AEP student of complaining when the teacher allegedly rubbed his private parts against the student. Parents, teachers, staff and students quickly came to the defense of the teacher. PISD officials reportedly found no evidence of the allegations being true.

Video cameras in the AEP room should have recorded an incident if it happened. The videos don’t show anything, sources said.

While The Palmer Post wants to provide any and all opportunities for the accused (whether guilty or innocent) to give their side with a 100 percent forum to do so, this is still news. False accusers will also be punished.

PISD would not comment or confirm the “personnel matters” on this story.

Earlier this year, a drug bust incident at Palmer Middle School was covered up by Brian Warner, who then threatened to fire any teachers and staff who were caught leaking information to The Palmer Post. Warner is now the principal at Palmer High School. PISD originally denied the drug incident took place, but later said they didn’t know about it.

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Palmer ISD Will Be Held Accountable. Period.

The Palmer Post
PALMER – There’s nothing personal, but taxpayers, readers, students, staff and others need to know my policy right off the bat in dealing with Palmer’s independent school district:

The Palmer Post will demand full accountability for decisions made, votes taken and duties carried out in educating young people.
Regardless if PISD employees are related to someone prominent in the community, if The Palmer Post finds there is unethical, illegal, irresponsible actions and cover-ups taking place, we will report it. Likewise, if we find out that allegations are false, we will demand the false accuser be given swift punishment.

I have nothing but admiration for Superintendent Kevin Noack in leading this district to a stellar “Exemplary” status, but he alone is the one who runs the day-to-day operations of PISD.

The seven duly elected school board trustees are accountable to me and the taxpayers. As the intermediary between the government and the people, this paper will not allow our young people to be kept in harm’s way, and we will not compromise our mission for the sake of going along to get along.

I was at first reluctant to even point a pen on PISD because I was naive and stupid in thinking that due to the popularity of the district, it wasn’t being run with an unwritten policy of covering things up. I was wrong. Things are being covered up, and have been, and they won’t be any longer.

At least retired Superintendent Alan Oakley would shoot straight with me at all times. Never hid a thing from me when I inquired about something. Either Noack instituted this blanket mentality over PISD, or he is really being kept in the dark from his various campus department heads.

I don’t have children in PISD (I will eventually), so let me put this out there too: if students are in any way, shape or form retaliated against for their parents for coming forward with these allegations and other important information the public should know about, I will bury several careers. I don’t want parents to be afraid, and I don’t want students to fear retaliation for their parents or friends in coming forward. The Palmer Post has spies on every campus, so the stuff being covered up from yesterday or even 20 years ago will eventually come out. Make your preparations now.

And if teachers and staff are telling the truth in that PHS principal Brian Warner threatened to fire people for leaking stuff to me, I promise this will be a fight I will wage and a battle I and the public (taxpayers) will ultimately win.

Official oppression is when a public official uses their position of authority to deny the rights of individuals.

There are other matters that are just itching to get out to the public, so readers, know this: if you want your name out of it, that’s fine. I just want the information. You let me do the dirty work.

Regardless of how I get it — via text messages, personal one-on-one visits, envelopes, boxes of receipts, it will be published (or kept until the signal is given by the source to release it.)

I love my town, and I love PISD, but I work for the taxpayers, and we will demand accountability at every level.


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This issue should be regarded as a serious crime because if it is true that the student indeed fabricated the story there is nothing that will fully restore this teacher’s reputation. People will always wonder about the teacher as well as the student. Regardless of the punishment handed down, the student’s ultimate punishment will be people’s inability to gain back full trust in the future. This should be a lesson to everybody.

Comment by Clay Boggess

This stuff is coming out so fast I cannot keep up. The allegations get more severe it seems like.

From the fear that I have heard in the voices, seen in the faces and read from the e-mails and text messages, why would anyone “risk” filing with the local police?

I’m asking that rhetorically. But if the parents reading this want to contact the Palmer Police Department to arrange a formal complaint or charges to be filed, I would check with Chief John Zaidle at:

The parents I’ve spoken with have said that even Coach Cunningham’s child has been harassed and tormented as a result of the article’s allegations. This, too, is not right, but just imagine the envelope of fear that one would walk right into when he/she/they filed a report alleging sexual abuse and child molestation at the hands of a Palmer ISD official.

It’s already a fact — according to at least one parent/student — that PISD told Child Protective Services some years back that there was no truth to the allegations the first time they came out.

I’m asking for a parent out there to come forward — one brave parent that knows about what is going on, and who isn’t afraid of the risks of coming forward. I don’t believe victims’ names are identified in public documents, so it would literally be a “guessing game” as to who filed, and who did what.

Lastly, if teachers, staff, principals and others at PISD knew of the allegations numerous times, yet kept reassigning this coach, and didn’t say anything about it, they are just as guilty of engaging and enabling an alleged child molester. Thankfully, not all employees of PISD acted in this way. Without my “spy network” on every campus in PISD of teachers, staff, etc., I wouldn’t know what’s going on.

Those brave and courageous PISD employees who are sick of the political crap and the cover-ups are to be commended.

This scandal is probably the biggest in recent PISD memory, and I will make sure victims are treated right, but if parents and students are too afraid to come forward, file the reports/complaints/charges, then a battery of bad press and bad publicity will probably be much worse for those who are overseers of the young people.

One incident or allegation can be shrugged off. Two, nah, had to be coincidental. Three, four, five, six…now we have a problem. We now have a crisis on our hands, and hopefully soon, my printer will be letting me know when The Palmer Post‘s Nov. 5 issue is ready to be picked up.

Comment by Joey G. Dauben

The Coaches daughter is one of my bestest friends and all this things being said against him are false!!!! There are in fact cameras in every hallway in our school and in the AEP building and there is no proof that he did this. He is a good man and the girl that said this about him will be punished eventually for such lies!!!!!

Comment by unknown

Since you or I did not see the video evidence, we cannot comment on what was seen or what was not seen, but when seven people with seven different stories spanning two school years come forward, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that these were simply false accusations.

It’s totally natural for you to take up for the guy, and that’s fine, but seven people who have come forward with separate but similar allegations is a bit more serious than just “one.”

Comment by Joey G. Dauben

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