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The Podium | Agree to Disagree on Political Issues, But Don’t Attack Little Children by Joey G. Dauben
November 24, 2010, 7:55 pm
Filed under: Churches & Community, Palmer 75152

I’m extremely pro-life, so my built-in bias towards protecting children is evident throughout my newspapers, my blog(s) and my life. Adult children of politicians are subjected to scrutiny just like their parents, in my view. But little children…some who have never even been born, or in the unfortunate case of a good friend, a medical situation where the baby could not be born is nothing to poke fun at, or attack.


That’s just what happened in Palmer, where I live. I love this town, but some elements in the town, namely several individuals with ties to the town, or to some families, are so beyond the pale in conversations and actions that I am constantly reminded of how vicious some can be. My friend was not really even directly involved in a discussion, but it spilled out publicly and probably 1/3 of Palmer electronically connected got to see it…
Some members of the Mafia don’t even target little children. Business is business, but don’t attack little kids. That’s why this comment needs to be amplified so that people can see just how vicious some in Palmer are (or some who have ties to my friends in Palmer in some way.) Only by publicly dealing with problems can people reconcile and move forward. That’s why I’m doing this on this forum…


Jennifer Lundgren:  “um [name redacted] if your such a badass then u should unblock me and talk shit instead of hiding. a booty call is all you’ll ever be good for. and if he really wanted a family with you then why is he …not around now? I jumped for joy when I found out you lost the baby cuz you deserved every bit of that.”

To her credit, the person above said she issued an apology, but this needs to come out in the wide open so that we can deal with the issues and problems and seek to find some sort of understanding and peace as to why certain individuals in town say the things they do.


*Orange emphasis is mine


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