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Seeking Readers’ Input: Official Flag, Motto, Bird, Flower of Palmer! by Joey G. Dauben
December 6, 2010, 1:37 am
Filed under: City of Palmer, Palmer 75152, Palmer City Council, Palmer ISD

The Palmer Post

PALMER – I tell my Palmer friends (despite what you’ve read and heard, I do actually have many of those here in town) and those passing through that this town is like a miniature Gaza Strip or the West Bank: we have Christians, Muslims, Jews, gays, Democrats, Republicans, people from all walks of life, demographic categories and the like.

We’re like our own small country in a way.

Since I believe Palmer is a “set-apart” town, in other words, a holy town created specifically to show others in our county an example of how God’s plan is to be carried out, and how cooperation among our various paths is to work, I think it’s time to entice my readers and the community to create a Palmer “presence.”

Palmer needs its own flag, its own identity and its own purpose. For starters, I’d like readers to submit their ideas via e-mail, or by mail (see Page 4 for our address.)

Every city, town and municipality north of us and in and around Dallas has a flag. Palmer needs its own flag.

Every city above a population of 10,000 has its own-everything. We need to be the progressive Palmer that I know we will become and be creative. After a month’s worth of collecting information, we’ll put the list of the following up for a vote to be decided on by the readership. Submit your ideas for the following to or one of the methods listed above:


* Official Animal: (Small) & (Large)

* Official Bird:

* Flag:

* Flower:

* Insect:

* Motto:

* Nicknames:

* Song:

* Logo:

* Tree:

* Food:


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