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City Won’t Sign Beer, Wine Permit Though 1 is Needed Before TABC Approval by Joey G. Dauben
December 18, 2010, 9:40 pm
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So, this is how it’s going to be now? The Shell in Palmer, a Victron Group entity, can’t send their license application to sell “the legal sale of beer and wine” in Palmer’s city limits until City Hall approves their permit. And if City Hall’s problem is the city council, then I think this smacks of total retribution against 52 percent (187 votes) of the people who voted for beer and wine sales in the city on Nov. 2.

After beer, wine and liquor passed in Glenn Heights, the city council deliberately delayed and stalled for six months before a single can of beer or bottle of liquor could be sold.

I’m hoping it’s just a meaningless paperwork delay that is causing this and not powers-that-be behind the scenes that are pressuring City Hall and the city council to purposely delay Palmer stores (there are only two that will sell it) from sending their TABC applications to Austin.

Shell officials say that they can’t send off their applications to TABC until Palmer City Hall green-lights the local permit and fee application.

Let me remind the readers and the voters that 52 percent of the people in the town voted for beer and wine to be sold in the city limits on Nov. 2, 2010. Sign-ups for city council and mayor begin in February. I do hope City Hall and the city council can help expedite this application approval before we need another election just to get a permit approved.

Full Disclosure: I was the one who spearheaded the entire beer/wine petition and election




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