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1 Palmer Cop Wants to Kill Someone, Obviously by Joey G. Dauben
January 2, 2011, 2:55 pm
Filed under: I-45, Palmer 75152, Palmer Police Dept.

Officer Chris Mendez was fired from Palmer PD once before for wrecking not one, but two squad cars, but was rehired after doing an award-winning hatchet job on former Chief Scott Lynch‘s personnel file. The guy is a senator amid the circle of Caesar.

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He’s also been seen by an employee of an Ennis auto dealership flying in and out of traffic (letter to the editor about that one coming in a future issue) — pushing, according to this dealership’s estimate — 80-100 mph. (just a guestimate)

Then, someone recently saw him flying down I-45 with no lights and not chasing anyone and then pulling into the drive-through at Jack in the Box.

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Officer Mendez is going to end up costing us either (a another squad car, (b higher insurance premiums or liability costs from Texas Municipal League, (c injuries to himself or others or (d all of the above.

This madness has to stop. I won’t hesitate to praise them when they do good, or spank them when they do bad, and Mendez is definitely one whose actions could cost us more liability, costs and/or injuries.

To view Mendez’ police background, click here (scroll to Page 35.)


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