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Photos | Joey G. Dauben for Mayor by Joey G. Dauben
May 2, 2011, 3:50 pm
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Palmer Begins Enforcing Sign Ordinance by Joey G. Dauben
January 5, 2011, 1:40 am
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And there’s a $500 fine for violating it after the 90-day window to come into compliance. To view the entire ordinance online via PDF form, click here:
Here is some background information on the sign ordinance:



The beer/wine election that passed on Nov. 2 in Palmer begat this whole “let’s look at what we’re not enforcing…oh and hey, there’s a money-making mechanism on this too!” mentality. Sigh.


Palmer Cop Writes 4,049 Tickets in 1 Year by Joey G. Dauben
December 31, 2010, 8:07 pm
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Back when Scott Lynch was the police chief in Palmer,  members of the city council berated him and his officers for working the highway so much and collecting citations and tickets from I-45. There is barely a peep from the council these days with a new chief – one in which The Palmer Post supports fully, by the way – with his officers running up and down I-45. When the policy changes at the city council level, there won’t be a chart like this:

Former Chief Scott Lynch
Former Palmer PD Chief Scott Lynch

Click Here to View: Palmer PD Calendar Year 2010 Citations & Tickets



City Won’t Sign Beer, Wine Permit Though 1 is Needed Before TABC Approval by Joey G. Dauben
December 18, 2010, 9:40 pm
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So, this is how it’s going to be now? The Shell in Palmer, a Victron Group entity, can’t send their license application to sell “the legal sale of beer and wine” in Palmer’s city limits until City Hall approves their permit. And if City Hall’s problem is the city council, then I think this smacks of total retribution against 52 percent (187 votes) of the people who voted for beer and wine sales in the city on Nov. 2.

After beer, wine and liquor passed in Glenn Heights, the city council deliberately delayed and stalled for six months before a single can of beer or bottle of liquor could be sold.

I’m hoping it’s just a meaningless paperwork delay that is causing this and not powers-that-be behind the scenes that are pressuring City Hall and the city council to purposely delay Palmer stores (there are only two that will sell it) from sending their TABC applications to Austin.

Shell officials say that they can’t send off their applications to TABC until Palmer City Hall green-lights the local permit and fee application.

Let me remind the readers and the voters that 52 percent of the people in the town voted for beer and wine to be sold in the city limits on Nov. 2, 2010. Sign-ups for city council and mayor begin in February. I do hope City Hall and the city council can help expedite this application approval before we need another election just to get a permit approved.

Full Disclosure: I was the one who spearheaded the entire beer/wine petition and election



Seeking Readers’ Input: Official Flag, Motto, Bird, Flower of Palmer! by Joey G. Dauben
December 6, 2010, 1:37 am
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The Palmer Post

PALMER – I tell my Palmer friends (despite what you’ve read and heard, I do actually have many of those here in town) and those passing through that this town is like a miniature Gaza Strip or the West Bank: we have Christians, Muslims, Jews, gays, Democrats, Republicans, people from all walks of life, demographic categories and the like.

We’re like our own small country in a way.

Since I believe Palmer is a “set-apart” town, in other words, a holy town created specifically to show others in our county an example of how God’s plan is to be carried out, and how cooperation among our various paths is to work, I think it’s time to entice my readers and the community to create a Palmer “presence.”

Palmer needs its own flag, its own identity and its own purpose. For starters, I’d like readers to submit their ideas via e-mail, or by mail (see Page 4 for our address.)

Every city, town and municipality north of us and in and around Dallas has a flag. Palmer needs its own flag.

Every city above a population of 10,000 has its own-everything. We need to be the progressive Palmer that I know we will become and be creative. After a month’s worth of collecting information, we’ll put the list of the following up for a vote to be decided on by the readership. Submit your ideas for the following to or one of the methods listed above:


* Official Animal: (Small) & (Large)

* Official Bird:

* Flag:

* Flower:

* Insect:

* Motto:

* Nicknames:

* Song:

* Logo:

* Tree:

* Food:

YouTube | Entire Palmer ISD School Board Meeting on Video by Joey G. Dauben
November 17, 2010, 4:04 pm
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For the first time ever, an entire Palmer Independent School District school board meeting was filmed and put on YouTube. Also for the first time, an entire Palmer City Council meeting was put on YouTube. We’ve always had clips or bits and pieces of the Palmer City Council, but not the entire thing. I always liken this strategy to that of Mark Cuban when he launched to stream/video/film basketball games on the Internet. Yahoo! bought, Cuban became a billionaire, and the rest is history. If YouTube can do for public meetings what Cuban did for athletic contests, Ellis County is about to become the lab for “local government entrepreneurship.”

Ellis County, Texas: Where the Press Passes are Flip Cams

Palmer ISD Nov. 15 Meeting Video 1:
Palmer ISD Nov. 15 Meeting Video 2:
Palmer ISD Nov. 15 Meeting Video 3:
Palmer ISD Nov. 15 Meeting Video 4:
Palmer ISD Nov. 15 Meeting Video 5:
Palmer ISD Nov. 15 Meeting Video 6:
Palmer ISD Nov. 15 Meeting Video 7:

I couldn’t count properly on Video No. 6, but there are seven videos in all from the PISD meeting. I’m too busy to figure this math out. I’ll let viewers and readers do it for me.

More Videos:

YouTube | Palmer Water Tower Saved! by Joey G. Dauben

Very exciting news from last night (those who don’t follow me on Twitter are missing out on very critical news throughout the day and night) in Palmer: we saved the water tower! 🙂

Videos from the July 20 city council meeting have been uploaded and are available on reporter Brannon Bridge’s YouTube channel: or below: