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Joey G. Dauben | Friendship Over Politics by Joey G. Dauben
April 9, 2011, 7:47 pm
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I tire of the Bloods vs. Crips factions in these small towns. That’s why my generation of 21-to-35-year-olds (I turned 30 Feb. 8) are seeking a new way out of all that in Ellis County and virtually elsewhere. But mainly, Ellis County is unique. I own nearly 40 newspapers and one thing that is constant, from big towns (Balch Springs, pop. 26,000) to small towns (Palmer, pop. 2,000), and that is this intra-town warfare between families and political alliances. You dance with one of two groups in these small towns, and I’ve learned that more so by living and establishing Freedom of the Press Group HQ in Palmer. Then, there are the silver linings. I’ve met a lot of very interesting people in all of these towns (some towns, such as Venus, are a bit more public than the rest), some I consider my closest friends. Sometimes, when those friends are related to public officials, it becomes extremely difficult to explain why I have to “expose” wrongdoing — and that sometimes includes writing about the very people my friends are related to. In the 10 years and counting I’ve been doing this business, I’ve not made very many super-close friendships. Then, some people who I’ve let in my inner-circle over the years as either writers, reporters, etc. have turned out to be snakes — John Allen “Jay” Hoskins, Exhibit A.

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Palmer’s Future vs. Stagnation by Joey G. Dauben
October 25, 2010, 11:54 pm
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Letters like this show the distinct choices that Palmer faces not only on Nov. 2 in the beer/wine election, but as a town: do we grow in rooftops, families, infrastructure and planning for growth, or do we subscribe to ideas that don’t move us anywhere? I believe this letter typifies the mentality that Palmer must overcome if we are to ever get serious about planning for the future…after all, it’s only 2010.


Re: Parks in Palmer
I have read your article in the post concerning parks and having Witt and Caldwell donate land for this. I am not afraid of either one of the gentlemen in question! I will say this I don’t want a public park in my neighborhood!!!!!!!!! I think you need to back off of this!!!!!!!! If YOU WANT a public park donate your back yard!!!!YOU keep asking the question about Palmer growing? It’s a sleepy little farm town with great schools leave it that way!!!!!!! If you want big business,tax revenue and high crime move and take your paper with you!!!!!!!!

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The Podium | Letters to the Editor, June 14-July 1, 2010 by Joey G. Dauben
June 21, 2010, 3:51 pm
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Letters |

June 14, 2010 – July 1, 2010 Issue

Re: Sex offender listings
I am a subscriber to The Palmer Post and in the past couple of issues, I saw your listing of sex offenders that live in Palmer.

I have some updated information for you. Abel Arellano Rodriguez who you show as living on Bluebonnet, actually hasn’t lived there since November 2009. Abel was taken into custody right before Thanksgiving ’09 and spent several months in a deportation holding facility in West Texas, before finally being deported to Mexico in May 2010.

I know the woman and her teenage daughter that live at that address on Bluebonnet… could you please update your records so their neighbors won’t think a sex offender lives there with them? Here is a link to the Texas DPS sex offender registry which shows Mr. Rodriguez’ status as “out of country (Mexico)” as of 05/24/10:

Glenda Williams

Re: Palmer Christian Daycare
You should check into why the daycare is closing & can’t afford to stay open anymore when they have three times  more students, raised tuition and even half the money was saved even break ground on building the new building. Plus, workers there were told not to file for unemployment insurance. Why? I wonder if the First Baptist Church of Palmer  (that Ronnie Caldwell is a very active member of) is funneling money to pay for the “Childrens church” remodeling. Ask any parent who sends their kid to that daycare and they will be the first to tell you that something is not making sense on the story they gave the parents and teachers.

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Re: Water Tower
So what, these idiots in Palmer got just what they voted for, your newly elected, re-elected bubbas don’t care about anything but metal buildings, good ole boys and relatives. I am sure this will just be one of many stupid votes by the Templer City Hall. How much is this going to cost tax payers? Really, could this money not be better spent, like on streets, drainage, new water and sewer lines. Looks to me like this is just another way to funnel money to MLA Engineering. By the way who’s buddy are they?

The damn water tower has been standing there for decades as a landmark for Palmer, and all of a sudden it has to go. I think what torques me the most is the so called Palmer Preservation Society is sitting on their thumbs, just like they did on the old Fire Station.

Too bad this town is going down quickly, and that water tower is a good symbol of that decline.

Jonathan Fuller

Publisher’s response:
The Palmer Post has an online petition to save the water tower. For those who want to help reverse the city council’s June 15 decision, please do so at:

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