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I have to comment on our disappointment on your coverage of the Palmer Community of Faith event. The only pictures of the event were of the PD & the Ellis County Sheriff’s Dept. Please note the title of the event, COMMUNITY OF FAITH. Faith being the most important part of the event. This event was formed by the J Bar C Cowboy Church, & includes other churches in the Palmer community. We hold this event annually so that the unchurched & churched can be exposed to the community of Christians. Good Christian fellowship, music, & real TX Barbecue; all at no cost to the people that came to enjoy the day.. I can’t think of a better way of introducing someone to the love of Jesus! To find your only coverage of the event is of the different police authorities is offensive. What about the different churches? their members? the food? all of the different events being held on the square? None of that mentioned or covered in the Palmer Post. If I wasn’t an insider to the event, I would have thought it was held by the Police Department by your coverage. It would have been nice if there had been mention of why we hold the event in the first place.

Comment by Loyd Higdon Sr

I was never given/sent/e-mailed a “reason” as to why the event was put on, but I did run a half-page ad free of charge in two separate issues for this event. Unfortunately, I was unable to personally make it to the event due to me attending Sabbath services in DeSoto.

I would be more than happy to publish photos of and from the event if they were provided to me. I thought it was strange, too, that the photos the city of Palmer sent were all of law enforcement. That, to me, was a big surprise when I opened up the finished paper.

I send all of my articles, photos, artwork to a graphic designer, but those photos were the only ones we received.

Again, if you or anyone else involved would like to submit the photos and news events and the description as to why the Community of Faith is put on each year, I will be more than happy to publish it.

My next issue is June 14. My deadline for that issue is Friday, June 11.

If you know of anyone else who took photos, please send them my way….and if you want to write about what the Community of Faith is, and why it’s held each year, we will gladly publish that as well.

Comment by Joey G. Dauben | The Palmer Post

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Comment by Carrie Cain

I really like what The Palmer Post is doing because if no one will speak out nothing will get done around here. I wish the city of Palmer would finally fix the roads instead of just filling the holes and fix the flooding issues we have in town. When you call to get someone to come out to do something there is always an excuse. On a second note I wish the Palmer Peace Officers would drive through town more often we have people that are driving way to fast on a daily bases that are in dangering our kids in the neigborhood.

Comment by Michelle Perez

I wouldnt vote for u at all, at the last election u laughed at my wife because it was her 1st time for her to vote…. and also we dont want our town to grow we like r small town.. thats why we moved to Palmer. Small and relaxing. And your comments in some of the post issues well wondering if you r as corrupt as some in the town sit now.

Comment by mr .wallace

Mr. Wallace, I don’t know you, but I know I never laughed at anyone in the last election because it was their first time to vote.

The town is still going to be small and relaxing. The election of one person does not mean the town is going to change overnight.

What comments are you referring to, exactly, that are in my newspaper that have caused you concern?

Comment by Joey G. Dauben

Dear Mr. Dauben,
First of all, you are absolutely horrible at your paper. I am young and I have never seen such poorly written information and lies be spread around. Honestly, I don’t think Ebola could spread as fast as this nonsense you call a paper. You are ruining peoples’ lives and their reputations with this slander and I have just about had enough. You had no place in any world to trash talk the Cadwells or eanyone for that matter. Is or isnt it your job to report news that happens? I’d like to know when it became your job to revert into a 13 year old girl and spread rumors like wildfire. No ones personal life is YOUR business. You need to keep your grubby little nose out of peoples business before it gets you kicked out of this town you are bent on ruining.

Comment by Someone

I resent that on behalf of 13 year old girls.

Comment by Liz Salander

On behalf of all intelligent women, I vote NO to Joe (-y Dauben.)

Comment by Liz Salander

trying to find contact info for liz salander regarding political cover-ups/abuse of family law courts/tarrant county texas.

Comment by G. Carole

speak out or get walked all over. women’s movement needs to happen.

Comment by G. Carole

“Liz Salander” is actually Megan Van Zelfden. You’re better apt looking for Megan Van Zelfden.

Comment by admin

what about the new taxes that the school board/ Super. of PISD /city councel want to promote. I think that that will be worth looking into.

Comment by Concerned

My friends FIL Eliga Ray Ferguson, 56 went missin from the truck stop (6201 south 45 palmer city) 35 days ago & hasnt been heard from or seen since then! We have contacted the PD & still have NO answers, they act like its nothin…. Plus there’s ALOT of holes in the stories bein told…. he called his wife & said someone was snoopin around his Big Rig, he then told her that he loved her so much & that if anything were to happen to him, he wanted to assure her just how much he loved her… then the phone cut off, she called him right back & it went to voicemail & has ever since…. His wife called the PD & told them she was worried about him & why… this is when they proceed to tell her they were called out to the truck stop about a man standin outside the store, when they talked to him they said he seemed fine so they left ! The wife begged that they please drive back out to the store to see if he was still there and OK…. the PD said when they got back to the truck stop, His truck & him were GONE!!! However, 8 days later the owner of the truck (Billy Byers from Dolin tx) decided to drive to the truck stop & found the truck still there & it was STILL runnin, the owner told his family that NOTHIN of Ray’s was in the truck, but once the truck was back at their yard… the secretary called his wife & said all of Rays belongings WERE still in the truck !!

Something is terribly wrong & someone knows something…. or seen something…. PLEASE we are beggin you to come forward you dont have to give your name or anything just give us any info you have….We are gettin NO help & we feel there is WAY more to this story than bein told…. To many lies, holes goin around… a man just doesnt vanish !

Also when the family asked to see video from the store… they were told yes they did have video but once the family brought it up again .. they were told there wasnt any video & that the store dont even have cameras …. BS its a truck stop, they have cameras…..

PLEASE anyone with information contact ME please ASAP….

Comment by Candice :)

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